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A Family Guide to the Rehabilitation of the Severely Head Injured Patient
by Lenore Hawley
The Brown Schools Rehabilitation Center
1106 W. Dittmar Rd.
Austin, TX 78745
Phone: 800-252-5151 or 512-444-4835
Fax: 512-462-6636
95-800-010-2003 (Mexico)

Parenting a Child With Traumatic Brain Injury
by Barry K. Hughes, 1990
Published by Charles C Thomas Publishing
ISBN:  0398056463.

Brain Attack: Mapping Out Early Recovery From Stroke
by Mary M. Castiglione and Cynthia Johnson, 1995
Pritchett and Hull Associates
3440 Oakcliff Rd., NE, Ste. 110
Atlanta, GA  30340-3079
Phone:  800-241-4925
ISBN:  0939838400

Coping With Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
by Dr. Diane Stoler, Ed.D and Barbara Albers Hill
Avery Publishing Group
120 Old Broadway
Garden City Park, NY 11040
(800) 548-5757
(516) 741-2155
Fax: (516) 742-1892

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