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  MossRehab ResourceNet is an information only web site and can not respond to personal medical questions or inquiries.  Please consult your doctor or healthcare provider regarding any questions related to your health. 

  We do welcome any comments or suggestions that will help us provide better service and information to our visitors. Any information we receive from you is held in strict confidence and will be shared with no one.  You may contact us by clicking on our e-mail address:   If you have e-mail service, a new window will appear where you can enter your message.

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  If you choose, you may contact us by U.S. Mail.  Please send all correspondence to:

MossRehab ResourceNet
MossRehab Hospital
1200 West Tabor Road
Philadelphia, PA


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Please Note:  We do not receive your name or email address unless you enter the information into the fields located below. All information is held in strict confidence and will be shared with no one.


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