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Traumatic Brain Injury
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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Consumer Resources

Brain Injury Association Inc.
Chartered State Offices & Affiliates

Brain Injury Web Ring
Brain Injury Resources as well as homepages of Caregivers, Friends, Family, and Survivors of Acquired and Traumatic Brain Injuries (ABI / TBI).

Brain Matters
Brain injury resources and educational material

Brain Trauma Foundation
Developing best practice guidelines, conducting clinical research and educating medical personnel.

Evaluation and Treatment for "Minor" Brain Injury

Kids Corner
Brain Injury Association Inc.

The Epilepsy Foundation of America
Information about seizures that may result from a TBI

Brain Injury Society

The Perspectives Network

TPN Resource List: Organizations
The Perspectives Network list of Organizations around the World

Drucker Brain Injury Center
Information about Brain Injury

NARIC - The National Rehabilitation Information Center

The ABI/TBI Information Project

The Brain Injury Information Network

The TBI Help Desk for Caregivers

Sexual Health Network
Possible Effects Of A Traumatic Brain Injury On A Person�s Sexuality

Center for Neuro Skills
Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Guide

Traumatic Brain Injury Project
Sponsored by the Kansas State Board of Edu. Project designed to provide in-service and pre-service training  to educators and related service personnel serving students with TBI.

National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
General Information about Traumatic Brain Injury

Virtual Hospital
Brain Injury - A Guide for Families and Friends

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