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Joint Replacement
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Joint Replacement
Fact Sheet

A painful stiff hip or knee can keep you from enjoying simple things in life - even walking.  When all attempts to alleviate your pain have been exhausted  by your Doctor or Primary Caregiver your next option may be a total joint replacement. With approximately 150,000 total hip replacements and 90,000 total knee replacements performed annually there is no need for continued debilitating discomfort.  Orthopedic Surgeons can replace the problem hip or knee with an artificial joint that will work similar to the problem joint but without the pain.

Many conditions can cause hip or knee pain : 

  • Osteoarthritis - a degenerative joint disease which leads to the breakdown of joint cartilage (a tough tissue located at the ends of bones which absorbs shock)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis -  believed to be an autoimmune systemic disease which can affect the internal organs as well as joints
  • Injury
  • Loss of blood supply - in the case of hip joints

Thanks to the Departments of Physical and Occupational Therapy
of the Musculoskelatal Program at MossRehab Hospital for providing this information.

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