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Pre-Cruise Check List


  So, you�re considering taking a cruise? If chosen correctly, many of the ships afloat today, along
with their endless variety of itineraries, can provide even the most challenged traveler with his or her
most satisfying travel experience. However, to ensure that you have a thoroughly enjoyable vacation
aboard any cruise vessel, you should get answers to the following questions in this:

Challenged Travelers Pre-Cruise Checklist

  • How wide is the entry doorway into your cabin and bathroom?
  • Are there doorsills on doors leading to outside decks?
  • Are all levels of the ship providing activities and services accessible?
  • Is there a lip into the bathroom? If so, will a portable ramp be supplied?
  • Are grab bars installed next to the toilet and inside the shower stall?
  • Additionally, is a shower seat available through your cabin steward?
  • Are accommodations available for special dietary requirements?
  • Are restrooms located outside your cabin accessible with a wheelchair?
  • Is the telephone in the cabin positioned at a lower level?
  • Is a remote to the TV available through your cabin steward?
  • Upon request, is a 3 in 1 chair available for your use?
  • For better accessibility and maneuvering, should you travel with a collapsible chair?
  • Can you take an electric scooter aboard the ship? If so, what are the electrical requirements?
  • How accessible are the ports you plan visit? Remember, in the U.S. the needs of accessibility have been legislated, not so in many foreign posts.
  • Does ship dock or tender at the ports it visits? Even if the waters are calm tendering can be difficult for an impaired traveler.
  • Are wheelchair lift vans or motor coaches available at each port of call?
  • Are interpreter services available for the hearing impaired? Is a TDD device available for traveler use?
  • Is directional and room signage in braille and raised lettering?
  • What is the service attitude of the ship staff? (This can make a real difference in the entire experience.)

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