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"MossRehab Camp Independence"


Camp Dates: Sunday, June 16, 2013 - Sunday, June 22, 2013.

In response to the concern that physically disabled adults should be afforded the same wealth of experiences as non-disabled adults, MossRehab and Variety Club Camp cooperatively established the first camping experience for this special population - Camp Independence. Since its start in 1971 the program has evolved into a week-long overnight camping experience, sponsored fully by MossRehab, for forty adults, held each summer. The camp grounds of a local facility are leased for the entire camp week.

The population we serve at camp is unique. The group is co-ed and ranges in age from eighteen to sixty-five. There is no discrimination in regard to color, sex, ethnic background, or disability. The disabilities vary and may include: stroke, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, brain injury, amputation, and multiple sclerosis. The level of physical involvement varies from totally independent in their physical needs to totally dependent.

We are dealing with an adult population, and their needs and wants are of the utmost concern when planning the program. Our philosophy with regard to program planning is as follows:

1) To expose the campers to a variety of recreation experiences through sports, crafts, swimming, nature, and other activities.

2) To provide activities that will have carry over value to their home environment and that are feasible and low cost.

3) To provide an outdoor experience for people who are not given many opportunities to be out of doors.

4) To provide successful experiences.

5) To provide opportunities for socialization and development of friendships that can be carried on beyond the camping week.

6) For everyone to have a good time!

The daily program varies each year. It may include sports (volleyball, golf, flag football), swimming, crafts, nature (hikes, bird feeding), horseback riding, creative writing, drawing, music, drama (skits, improvisation). Evening programs typically include a talent show, dances, casino, and movies. Both daytime and evening activities focus on socialization.

Camp Independence is an opportunity for all who become involved, camper or staff, to benefit from a unique environment and experiences. If interested in participating in the program, contact the Therapeutic Recreation Department at MossRehab for an application or email the Camp secretary, Sheneda Northcutt, email:  

Therapeutic Recreation Department
Camp Independence
60 Township Line Road
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania 19027

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